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Promise Me Eternity - Ian Fox Read the full review at Tales Between the Pages

I don't think Ian Fox likes women very much.


[T]here are two different kinds of female characters: the bitchy, controlling, greedy kind and the kind that blindly falls for the protagonist without explanation. In any case, all of these women are stereotypical. I couldn't find a single female character who I could identify with. This is a problem for me. An author should be able to write both genders well and not give preference to one or the other. I can usually overlook a few errors in this regard, but I made at least 20 notes in this book about how these women acted. They lied, they cheated, they nagged, they connived, they obsessed over money. I couldn't handle it. Women are so much more than all of these things. I couldn't even find a reason why he chose to portray them in this way. Sometimes books will satirize subjects or use stereotypes in a manner that makes for good social commentary. I couldn't find any of that in Promise Me Eternity. I truly believe this author thinks he was writing authentic characters.


There are really two stories here: the medical thriller and the character-driven story that tries to send a message. The thriller part isn't so bad. What really detracts from the story is all the extra characters who have story lines when they shouldn't. Anita, the neighbors, the corrupt cop, the Lawsons ... they all have SIGNIFICANT time in the book. Their stories contribute nothing to the main plot. The last 15% of the book was devoted to wrapping up the insignificant characters' plots rather than focusing on the main character and his story arc. I think Fox believes he wrote a character-driven story that focuses on greed. That would explain all the superfluous characters and their arbitrary stories. The book really would have benefited from a good editor and some resolve to cut.

Promise Me Eternity was pretty infuriating to read. Based on my Rating System, I do not recommend it. I just can't. The characters are stereotypical and the book is about 100 pages too long. In short, don't waste your time.