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Dead End Deal

Dead End Deal - Allen Wyler Read the full review at Tales Between the Pages

Allen Wyler crafts a solid thriller with Dead End Deal. What I appreciate is that he decided to play with the format of the genre. He experimented, took some risks, and ultimately succeeded. Instead of trying to figure out who the bad guy is , Weyler gives us the rare opportunity to be the kind of omniscient reader who knows all and sees all. We know who he is from the beginning. This format might be a problem for other thrillers. Sometimes a weak story needs that mystery to hold it together. I know from my own experience that figuring out “whodunit” is the only reason I’ll finish a book. With Dead End Deal, I wanted to finish because I was invested in the story.

There were a few gripe worthy moments, though. Wyler tends to add a lot of product placement to his story. I felt like brands were starting to take over (Droid, Kindle, etc.). I know we use these things on a daily basis, but ultimately I think it will date the story. Because technology evolves at such a rapid pace, just a short time from now someone will be reading this book and thinking “Wow, this guy is behind the times!” I think that creating a timeless story is really important. If Droid were replaced with cell phone or smart phone, readers in the future could picture what they want based on the most current technology.


BUT! Don’t let my little gripes get in the way of you enjoying Dead End Deal by Alan Wyler. It’s fast paced, you get to go to exotic locations (Korea, for example), and you get to learn a little bit about the relationship between bio-tech companies and those who conduct academic research. All in all, Dead End Deal is a winner.