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A Taste of Magic (Magic, #1)

A Taste of Magic (Magic, #1) - Tracy Madison A Taste of Magic had a really great premise. Elizabeth is the descendant of a gypsy and has been passed magical powers that will grant her any wish she decides to make.

At times, I loved the characters. Other times, I wanted more than the formulaic characterization that Tracy Madison gives us. The misunderstandings between Elizabeth and Nate made me think of that Three's Company episode. You know, the one with the misunderstanding.

Though the book is entertaining and is a fun read, I wish that Madison would have taken the time to give her heroine real problems. Elizabeth is quirky at times, but we don't really know what makes her tick. I would have liked to see the "real" Elizabeth, then the heartbroken Elizabeth, before being introduced to learning-how-to-be-strong-because-I-can-talk-to-my-dead-great-great-great-great-grandmother-through-magic Elizabeth. It would have made for a much more dynamic read.

The same applies to her cast of supporting character. I feel like I didn't know Maddie, Alice, Jon, or Nate very well. What makes them tick? Again, it would have been a much more dynamic read should they have been fleshed out a bit more.

All in all, not the best book I have read, but it was entertaining. There were parts where I couldn't put the book down (the middle). Others were ho-hum - especially the beginning and the end.