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The Alexandria Link: A Novel

The Alexandria Link - Steve Berry Read my full review at Tales Between the Pages

I'm starting to think that Steve Berry is a megalomaniac. The more of his books that I read, the more I see his fascination with power and self-importance. I keep reading him because I expect his stories to get better. I like Cotton Malone, I really do. Thus, I go back.

With that being said, The Alexandria Link sounded promising. I've always been fascinated by its secrets. Is it still out there? Did any of it survive? However, what I realized about half way into the book is that it's just another one of Berry's attempts to destabilize religion. I normally wouldn't have a problem with this, but THREE out of the five books that I've read has tried to destabilize religion in some way, shape, or form. It's getting a bit old. I find myself saying, "Yeah, yeah, the Bible is flawed. We know that," a bit too much with his books


So what did I like, you ask? There were moments where I forgot about all of the things I'm griping about and truly enjoyed reading. I like Stephanie and Cassiopeia's story line. I'm a sucker for a government thriller. In fact, I'd would have rather like Berry to go that route instead of the path he did choose. I also liked the riddles and the quests. Seeing Cotton try and figure out the hero's quest was pretty interesting. I did think they solved it a bit too quick. There weren't enough real obstacles in his way ... just men with guns. They're easily taken care of.

Overall, the story is fun. It also gets you thinking. But, if you've read a lot of these "religion has secrets" novels like I have, you'll find The Alexandria Link formulaic and pretty unremarkable.