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Rimrock (Originally The Deputy) (Reno Western Saga #2)

Rimrock (Originally The Deputy) - Gilbert Morris For a book that claims to be the second in a “series,” I expected to have some kind of tie-in to the first book. It didn’t. Catherine was gone and never to be seen again. WTF?! How can a book leave off with a budding love story and return to never speak of it again, no questions asked? I get that Reno is a drifter and doesn’t stay in one place very long – but some kind of transition could have been used. I’d have been happy with a sentence saying that he couldn’t stay with Catherine because X.

Despite the glaring lack of cohesion, I liked this book better than Reno. I thought the supporting characters were more dynamic and much easier to like. I’ve been partial to Sheriffs in westerns since July Johnson in Lonesome Dove. Jesse Lindsey was just as easy to like. His character was a bit flat, but he reminded me of one of those loveable older men like Andy on The Andy Griffith Show, so I was rooting for him from the beginning.

Reno’s relationship with the whore was a little formulaic, but I was touched at the end (no spoilers! It’s dramatic). The other thing that REALLY was bizarre was that a half brother and sister fell in love. THEY HAVE THE SAME DAD. That’s weird, right? Even for the late nineteenth century that was weird. Dunno what Morris was thinking there.

Overall, Rimrock was predictable …. but good. I enjoyed it. If you want a good dialog driven fluff book, this one is for you.