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Boomtown (Originally The Vigilante) (Reno Western Saga #4)

Boomtown - Gilbert Morris The plot of Boomtown is very similar to that of Reno. Bullies are controlling the town and scaring the miners off their claims. Only Reno can rally the troops to fight them. Ho-hum. It was really hard for me to finish this book. About halfway through I asked myself if taking the time to finish it was even worth it. But, I hate not finishing a book so I pushed through. The end was much better than the beginning so ultimately I was happy I finished it.

Lee and Dooley are back in Boomtown. I was pleasantly surprised that they made it to another book. That’s a plus.

The minus: everything else. The plot was contrived. The characters were flat. Reno meets yet ANOTHER love interest that he’ll leave later. Meh. The only character who was remotely interesting was Zane Logan, brother of evil Saul Logan. He grows and changes and seems the most real to me. His entrance in the book (the last 1/3) is what kept me from throwing the book down and never finishing it. So hooray for Zane.

If you’re reading the series, go ahead and read Boomtown. It’s not Morris’s best work, but it can still be entertaining at times.