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Voyager (Outlander)

Voyager - Diana Gabaldon Let me begin by saying that I LOVED this book. The pacing was so much better than Dragonfly in Amber. I never once felt frustrated. If you remember, I said that it was frustrating to read such long chunks of text set when Claire returned to present times. Gabaldon remedied that problem in Voyager by alternating Claire’s actions in the present with Jamie’s actions in the past. For example, Brianna uncovers the legend of Dunbonnet and surmises that it is about her father. The next chapter, then, shifts to Jamie and his actions that show him as the Dunbonnet. Little touches like these give the book incredible pacing and allows the reader to be sucked into the story. One of the most important jobs for an authors is to get readers to invest themselves in the story. This is also one of the hardest things for an author to accomplish.

I also think that the setting ultimately helped the story’s pacing. Though some of the story is still set in Scotland, much of it is also set at sea and/or in the Caribbean. It provides such a drastic change of scenery to the story that I couldn’t help but wonder how Jamie and Claire would react in any given situation. As always, though, Jamie and Claire are brave, defiant, and insanely in love. Overall, this book as adventure, mystery, intrigue, surprise, suspense, a sea voyage, a shipwreck, and all the smoldering passion a reader needs to be entertained. Gabaldon truly gives us a page-turner.